What we do? What's mining and what do we mine?

Mining refers to the extraction or removal of valuable minerals or other materials from the earth. Metals, oil shale, coal, limestone, gemstones, dimension stone, potash, clay, gravel are some examples of valuable minerals that can get through mining. Materials that are obtain through mining are those who cannot be grown and get by agricultural processes and cannot be created and made artificially in factory or even in laboratory. Natural gas, petroleum and even water (non-renewable source) can also acquire through mining.
Mining of metal and stone begun in the pre-historic. Processes in modern mining involve searching for the bodies of ore, analysis for the possible profit of the planned mine, extraction of the earth for the anticipated materials and the repossession of the land after the mining.

In what is considered to be the first of several upcoming developments for the Company, IMA recently negotiated to earn up to a 70% interest in the exciting Island Copper Project in British Columbia, which includes the Hushamu deposit and six additional porphyry-style copper-gold-molybdenum systems. The property has significant potential for expanding known resources and mineralized zones as well as for the discovery of new ones. The Hushamu deposit hosts a NI 43-101 compliant measured and indicated resource of 230.9 million tonnes grading 0.28% Cu and 0.31 g/t Au, containing 2.29 million ounces of gold and 1.425 billion pounds of copper, as well as an inferred resource of 52.8 million tonnes grading 0.28% Cu, 0.38 g/t Au, containing 326 million pounds of copper and 0.64 million ounces of gold. Hushamu also contains undefined molybdenum mineralization. The inferred resource will be upgraded with additional drilling and the Company is confident that it will significantly expand the resource beginning with the 5,000m drill program slated to begin fall 2008 and a continuing aggressive drilling program in 2009.

IMA Exploration Tip of the day

IMA will continue, with its merger and acquisition team, to evaluate and add additional projects that meet all of the Company's criteria for unrecognized value with exceptional exploration upside.

We care.

The mining processes may result to a negative impact in our nature, during and after the mining operations. This negative impact resulted to adopt the designed regulations to reduce the negative results of mining. Safety is always been a concern that is why safety in mines have improved significantly.

About IMA Exploration

IMA Exploration Inc. is a Vancouver-based exploration company with experienced management and technical teams, and over $24 million in its treasury. IMA's strategy is to identify and acquire advanced-stage projects that contain established resources and provide solid opportunities to expand value through continued exploration.

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